See Jane Read

I'm a people watcher at heart.  People are interesting.  I love trying to figure them out...why they do the things they do, say the things they do, respond the way they do.  Books are an extension of that obsession.


I read pretty much everything within the Romance genre with the exception of historical.  I like books that make me feel and although I have a few boundaries, I'm not afraid of reading outside of them, especially when they help me understand someone else's point of view.


Authors amaze me, especially indy authors.  I think they are some of the bravest people out there.  They pour their heart into the pages and allow others to judge.  Crazy brave. 



Doctor's Orders (Gay Domination/Submission Medical Fetish Erotica)

Doctor's Orders (Gay Domination/Submission Medical Fetish Erotica) - C.M. Knox This book was exactly what it presented itself as...a short, spicy, hot, medical, fetish story. I don't necessarily get the low ratings due to lack of character development. What do you really expect in 16 pages? Unless I'm way off base, I think this freebie was meant to give you enough of a glimpse into what it might become to hook you into buying the others. IMO it did exactly what it set out to do. I did buy the next in series, which was a little "spicier", but will probably stop there because of the price. $2.99 for a few pages just doesn't make sense to me.
Forgotten Sins - Rebecca Zanetti When I think PNR, I think vampires, shifters, angels, etc. That isn't what this book is at all. It's about genetically altered men trained from birth to be the ultimate killing machine. I don't read a lot of this genre, but needed an Alpha-male fix and decided to take a chance. So glad that I did. It truly is romantic suspense with a wee bit of angst thrown in for good measure. Great read.


Unteachable - Leah Raeder The teacher/student story never gets old for me. I'm not sure there was anything really new brought to the table, but what made this one different was the writing. The imagery and use of senses were brilliant. The author described her writing as "lyrical" and it truly is...beautiful. For me it was somewhere in between NA and YA. It had some steam, some angst, and a lot of introspection. Really enjoyable read.
The Current Between Us - Kindle Alexander Loved it! Couldn't read it fast enough!
Painted Lines - Brei Betzold 3.5 stars. I thought the storyline regarding the reality show was unique, but it really was a minor part of the storyline overall. The writing was fairly solid and the story kept my attention, but it just didn't WOW me like I hoped.
Power Play: Resistance - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant Such an interesting read in many ways. I've read quite a few TPE books, but what makes this one unique for me is that Bran really had no concept of what he was getting into ahead of time AND really had NO DESIRE to be in a TPE relationship. The only draw (besides an initial attraction to Jonathan) was the money. Bran fights submission to Jonathan tooth and nail, which leads them both to question the "relationship" and eventually leads Jonathan to make some piss-poor decisions.

I think the other thing that stood out was the fact that as a Dom, Jonathan was far from perfect. He made so many mistakes, missed cues, and mis-read Bran so many times. I honestly appreciated his flawed actions because it seems most Doms are written as pretty near perfect.

This book had me in knots...not the good kind. It wasn't the necessarily TPE or BDSM that made it that way though. Although the eating situation and the sarcophagus really had me close to safewording. It was the fact that Jonathan was such a masochist while Bran wasn't a sadist at all. This is really the crux of everything. How can the two be compatible and why would they even try? I read the second book prior to rating this one. Seeing the progression and outcome went a long way in easing the frustration I felt reading book one by itself. I highly recommend reading both before drawing your own conclusions.

Battle Buddy (Rough Rangers, #1)

Battle Buddy (Rough Rangers, #1) - S.J.D. Peterson Probably my biggest frustration is the highest compliment I can give this book. When it ended I literally said, "NOOooooooo!" I was no where near ready for it to end and I'm a good bit frustrated at the moment. I loved the fact that this was a story about two gorgeous Alpha males...that tidbit really did it for me. And although Owen clearly took the lead, Tuck was no pushover. I thoroughly enjoyed their fight for dominance. :) I REALLY DID need more of their story though...pretty please.
Where I Need to Be (B&S Series #1) - Kimberly Knight I wanted to like it more than 2 stars but couldn't. I think the main struggle I had was the writing style. It just felt very mechanical to me and didn't allow me to connect with the characters at an emotional level. I enjoyed the story for the most part but just didn't feel it.

Shocking Heaven (Room 103 #1)

Shocking Heaven (Room 103 #1) - D.H. Sidebottom Not sure what I expected from this one, but it was MORE than I hoped and exactly what I was looking for at the moment. A hot alpha rocker, a girl with a damaged past, and plenty of angst and drama. The story moved. The lovin' was hot and yummy. I stayed glued to the story and would've read it straight through if I could have. Oh yeah, the price didn't hurt at all either...$1.54 on Amazon for 427 pages. There were a couple of things that bugged me...Jax' grunting (can you just use your words please?) and admittedly, the story line and everything that happened to Eve was a little over the top, but if you just let yourself go with it and enjoy, it's completely worth it. One thing I know for certain, I fell in love with Boss and bought the next book minutes after turning the final page.
All He Wants: All or Nothing Trilogy, Book 1 - C.C. Gibbs This one took me a while to get into. I thought about putting it aside multiple times throughout the first half of the book. It's not that it was bad, I just wasn't feeling it much. For some reason I was under the impression that it contained BDSM. (Maybe it was the comparisons between Christian and Dominick that I read prior?) And although Dominick had been involved in BDSM prior to meeting Kate, this book didn't contain BDSM scenes really. There was no training, no kneeling and presenting, no spanking, no gags. Just a single scene with "painless" nipple clamps and one with a dildo. Yes, Dominick was demanding, but he was also very soft and yielding. I did enjoy seeing Dominick's struggle with wanting to temp fate by not giving Kate her birth control pills, I also enjoyed the fact that Kate wasn't a pushover and continued to have a backbone even though she was admittedly addicted to his cock. The second half of the book was much more engaging for me. It is definitely why I'll be reading the next in the series. Bit of a cliffhanger at the end. 4 stars overall.

Pup (Guards of Folsom, #1)

Pup (Guards of Folsom, #1) - S.J.D. Peterson I liked this one, but something was missing. It just didn't feel right to me. I had a hard time fully engaging with the characters. I really did like Micah's playful personality, but Tackett didn't work for me as a Dom. He felt too insecure and uncertain. Yes, I know that Dom's are people too and although I appreciated the fact that he sought out help and advice, I never really fell in love with him as a Dom. He never made me feel like he was someone I would want to submit to and, at the end of the day, I guess that is one of the things I want in a feel like I understand and be able to place myself in the story. Even considering those things, it was still a very enjoyable read and will continue to look for and read this author. 3.5 stars

Wild Horses

Wild Horses - D. River I absolutely loved the tone of this book. It was hot, romantic, and sexy while still being funny. I think one of my favorite lines in the book was, "Somehow, my sweet, naïve straight boy had turned into a cockslut. I was so proud." It was really a lot of fun to read.

Lick (Stage Dive, #1)

Lick - Kylie Scott Really enjoyed this one. It was a nice break from the heavier, darker books. Great mix of sweet, sexy, and angst. I had a bit of trouble buying into the marriage, but enjoyed the ride.

Out of the Dungeon (Dungeon #2)

Out of the Dungeon (Dungeon #2) - S.M.   Johnson 3.5 stars. Man, was this book a struggle. It was just so incredibly different than the first book. The characters didn't feel right. Even considering the accident and how trauma impacts people, they (Roman especially) still felt like completely different characters. And, of course, where the first book had more BDSM elements, this book seemed to be more about the emotional side of things. Although I enjoyed the introspection and emotion, I would've liked more of a balance between the two. For the majority of the book, I felt like the BDSM was left behind.

I'm disappointed with the way Dare was handled. After the first book, what happened with Dare didn't make sense to me. And I'm not sure exactly what to say about the Vanessa storyline. Although after finishing the book, I am curious to see how that story plays out.

It wasn't until I was 86% of the way through the book that I finally glimpsed the Roman from book one. He was finally a Dom again. I missed him greatly. I thoroughly enjoyed the story from that point forward. I found myself being interested in how Jason will fit into the picture. Looking forward to book three.

Out of Breath (Breathing, #3)

Out of Breath (Breathing, #3) - Rebecca Donovan To me, this had a much different feel to it than the previous two. But when I think about it, after having read it, how could it not? This one really focused on the aftermath and impact rather than new events. I still loved it, but didn't connect as much as I did in the first two in the series. I did love having Evan's POV mixed it with Emma's. The one major struggle I had was with Jonathan. He had such a strong presence in book two and his lack of presence in book 3 really bothered me. We got very little other than a few texts, the fact he turned himself, and just when I think we're going to get something during Emma's prison visit...nothing, nada, zilch. To have so much invested in him and then to get so little was a bit of a let down. 4.5 stars
Fading - E.K. Blair I truly did love this book. The plotline in Fading centers around Candace, who has constantly tried and failed to live up to her wealthy parents expectations. Nothing she does or accomplishes is ever good enough for them. In an effort to once again please them, she begins dating Jack, the son of a wealthy friend. This ends in a brutal attack and from here on out the plot revolves around the impact this has on Candace. One of my favorite things about this story is that the author didn't follow the typical plotlines that happen in stories such as this. Jack doesn't begin stalking/threatening Candace. There is no standoff between Jack and Candace. The story wasn't rushed, wasn't overdone, and flowed beautifully.

The characters were rich, developed, and full of depth. Although Candace was traumatized both by her affectionless upbringing and the rape, I found her strong as well. She stood strong against her parents about dancing and was able to live again after her attack. And Ryan, yeah, he's just hot. His patience, care, and love of Candace made him that much hotter.

Even though I liked the two MC's, Candace and Ryan, I adored Jase, Candace's gay best friend. I loved that the author didn't use any typical gay stereotypes that you see in this genre. She wrote Jase as a man first. (Thank you, Ms. Blair.) A strong, handsome, loyal and selfless man. Although completely heartbreaking, the hospital scene with Jase and Candace was probably one of my favorites.

This really was a beautifully written book. There were a couple things that bothered me though. I loved the fact that Ryan rescued Candace from her parents, but I have a hard time understanding or accepting that they never contacted her after this...even if it would've been just to get her back under their thumb. It didn't feel right to me somehow even though I know they were crappy parents. The other thing that really bothered me is that Jack was never brought to justice. I didn't like the fact that he died in an accident. I really struggled with the fact that Candace never went forward to press charges. I felt like Jack got off easy. And I wanted to see Candace's parents respond to her way or the other.

Well worth the read. 4.5 stars.