See Jane Read

I'm a people watcher at heart.  People are interesting.  I love trying to figure them out...why they do the things they do, say the things they do, respond the way they do.  Books are an extension of that obsession.


I read pretty much everything within the Romance genre with the exception of historical.  I like books that make me feel and although I have a few boundaries, I'm not afraid of reading outside of them, especially when they help me understand someone else's point of view.


Authors amaze me, especially indy authors.  I think they are some of the bravest people out there.  They pour their heart into the pages and allow others to judge.  Crazy brave. 



Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna I was absolutely blown away by this book. I don't read PNR very often anymore. It's just not my thing. Honestly, some of the plots and stories have a very fairy tail-ish, unrealistic feel to them. (yes, I realize shifters don't exist and therefore are a bit of a fairytale.) One of the reviews I read talked about how this book was different from other shifter books so I decided to give it a try. That reviewer was dead-on. The way it was written made it feel realistic in a sense. The action was well written. The emotion was well written. The progression of the relationship was well written. (You get the idea.) Oh yeah, and did I mention the sex...whew! I NEVER thought I'd see the day when I put another PNR into my favorites shelf, but that is exactly where this one is going. 5 hugely deserved stars. Bring on book 2!

The Condor (Condor #1)

The Condor - Isa K. Wow! Really didn't see this one coming. I read the blurb and it sounded interesting and it's about an escort service. So I'm a little geared up for what I believe will be a little shallow and a lot sexy. I got it so totally backwards. This was such a good read. It had moments of deep introspection, fun characters, emotional situations, a few romps, and was filled with sarcasm. 5 stars.

Edge of the Past (Edge, #2)

Edge of the Past (Edge, #2) - Jennifer Comeaux Just wanted to explain my lack of rating for this book because I don't want any potential readers to get the wrong impression. This book fulfilled part of a team challenge. This is not a genre I typically read and is probably the cleanest book I've read in many, many years. No sex. No cursing. No tattoos. No piercings. (unless you count Emily's pierced ears) Even the drama was of the clean cut variety. It is so clean I'd probably even consider letting my pre-teen daughter to read it. It is strictly a romance. I found it to be well written, well edited, and I did enjoy the story.
Promises - Marie Sexton Gah, I loved this book. Great blend of anticipation, angst, and sexiness.
Enthrall - Vanessa Fewings Holy Sexual Undertones, Batman! This book has me a bit upside down. I'm just not sure what to think. It was a completely unique read for me in that it was the virgin, vanilla slightly annoying girl, Mia, chasing (?) the Dom, Richard. Mia was genuinely clueless about BDSM which made the chase all the more interesting because it was truly Richard she was interested in and not the lifestyle. And then there's Cameron and his strange relationship with both Richard and Mia. Where the hell does he really fit in to this mess? Not to mention the Dommes (Penny, Lotte, and Scarlet), Bailey, and Tara. I was literally reading page to page with no idea of where exactly this story would end up. There was an incredible amount of sexual tension and very, very little sex and very little BDSM. Honestly I think any of them could've ended up in bed together and I wouldn't have been surprised. And although there was an ending of sorts, it was a big, fat non-ending.

About the Dommes...Penny, Lotte, and Scarlet. Something about the way Dommes are typically written is a bit off-putting to me. Maybe I've been reading the wrong books, but they seem a bit cold. Although the three Dommes in this book were minor characters, I loved them. The author showed a very human and caring side of them that really added to the story for me.

My thoughts reading this book were all over the place. The first time I read FSOG I remember thinking about how far I would being willing to go and what I would be willing to give up for someone that I truly loved. This book had a bit of that feel for me. Although Mia becomes drawn to certain aspects of BDSM, her true draw is simply Richard (with a bit of Cameron thrown in). The book leaves us with so many unanswered questions. What is the true extent of Richard and Cameron's relationship? The book ends with Cameron, Richard, and Mia sleeping together (just sleeping), but it seems like it was a bit more than Cameron just being a friend and Richard was perfectly fine with that, so where is that going? And what the hell is going on with Tara and Cameron? Is Bailey really in love with Mia? Will Cameron be able to let go of Mia if he is so drawn to her? Where will the Dommes fit into all of this? What about Chrysalis?It will take me awhile to process this one. It is the kind of book that gets better the more you think about it. I initially rated it 4 stars, but after writing this jumbled mess of thoughts, I'm upping it to five.

Present Perfect

Present Perfect - Alison G. Bailey YA isn't typically my thing, but I really did love this one. Very sweet, tender, frustrating, and emotional. Tip: don't read it while you have a sinus infection.
Mid Life Love - Whitney G. This book was really split into two parts for me. The first 75% of the book I struggled to get through. I just felt like nothing really happened besides Jonathan pursuing and Claire resisting. Claire's behavior made no sense to me. It wasn't until the last 25% of the book that you find out some other things that were going on at the same time and it made a little more sense. I thoroughly enjoyed the final 25% and it salvaged the book for me. Oh, and did no one ever tell Claire that her 16 year old daughter actually did wreck her car? Seriously? Did Claire not notice the mileage difference once Jonathan bought the new one? And I don't really think you can legally change VIN #'s. That really bugged the daylights out of me.

Price of a Kiss

Price of a Kiss - Linda Kage Loved it. Really appreciated the author's writing style. YA girl character usually annoy the hell out of me, but I loved Reese's humor, outlook, and crazy, honest reactions. And Mason was just the right mix of sex appeal, charisma, loyalty and hurt. The ending was a little too nice and neat for me, but overall great story and great read.


Stripped - Jasinda Wilder I'm so sad that this didn't "wow" me as much as Ms. Wilder's other books. The beginning held promise, but for me, the book didn't really go anywhere else. The only real antagonist in the story was Grey herself. I understood the conflict inside, but it just didn't feel like enough.

Lifeless (Lifeless, #1)

Lifeless (Lifeless, #1) - J.M. LaRocca Thoroughly impressed that this is the debut book by this author. If life didn't have to get in the way I would've read it in one sitting. I really like it when plots surprise me and this one had a couple of twists at the end that I honestly didn't see coming. There were a couple of things that did bug me a took me awhile to get used to Scarlet's inner dialogue. Maybe it's because I'm a mom in my 40's, but especially in the first 25% of the book Letti's "thoughts" felt REALLY young. (She reminded me a bit of my early teen daughter.) I was also unclear about the whole drug use accusation.Was he using? If so, I didn't fully understand how she could just let that go after the big deal that was made about her mom and losing her job. I felt like he kinda admitted to using, but it was never really addressed other than their brief break and then the make-up sex. Although I knew it was a cliffhanger going in (Thank you for putting that in the description, Ms. LaRocca!), I'm still frustrated that I have to wait until December to find out what happens! :) 4.5 stars

Unexpected Angel: 1 (Isthmus Alliance)

Unexpected Angel: 1 (Isthmus Alliance) - Sloan Johnson I liked this one. I really did. It was a good first novel and I think she could be an author to watch as she continues. I struggled a bit with how to rate this one because I enjoyed the story so much, but something was missing. I wish I could put my finger on it. There was a bit of jumping between blocks of time and not in a reader friendly way. I also feel as though a little bit more character development would've helped. (i.e. I didn't necessarily understand where Tasha's panic attacks originated from.) I thought the author wrote some strong, likable and memorable characters. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

Trust Me (TAT: A Rocker Romance, #1)

Trust Me (TAT: A Rocker Romance, #1) - Melanie  Walker I've had such bad luck with rocker books lately that I was hesitant to read this one. I was so pleasantly surprised. It had such a good balance of angst and steaminess. I stayed engaged the entire time and never even consider skimming. I'll definitely be following the series. The only struggle I had was the editing. I usually am able to look over it and just enjoy, but it honestly got to me this time, especially the your/you're issues. Overall though, a really great read.
Red, White, and Sensual (The Red and White, #1) - Bec Botefuhr Really a quick, easy, and enjoyable read with a fairly simple plot. The entire book is pretty much a "will he leave his model perfect girlfriend for the new girl" kinda book. With a good dose of "is it real or is he using her?" The BDSM element was extremely lite and far more a backdrop than anything else. cliffhanger ending. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars since I'll be reading the next book.
Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee Jones I just love a story involving crazy, possessive alpha males. The ending killed me. As much as I enjoy that cliffhangerish feeling, sometimes it takes so long for the next one to come out that I lose interest. Book 2 is scheduled in Sept. Here's to hoping that is a firm date.

Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1)

Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1) - C.M. Stunich I feel like a big, fat loser for doing this, but this one is a DNF for me at 90%. This is a genre and storyline that I really am drawn to, but I just can't finish it. I had absolutely no connection to Naomi and just didn't care for her. I just couldn't find a single redeeming quality to like. I also found the story and the character's motivations a bit confusing. No rating.

Who He Is (FireNine, #1)

Who He Is (FireNine, #1) - Shanora Williams I was just out of sync with this one for the first 75% of the book. It just felt like more of the same chapter after chapter with nothing really new to add to the was just Gage and Eliza going back and forth without a lot of conflict really. It felt very much like a YA read with a little NA thrown in occasionally. I think I expected it to be a much grittier rocker story and that component just wasn't there aside from a bit of very tame womanizing. I also never really understood Penelope's hold on Gage, even after it was explained. It just didn't make sense to me. I had to really fight to finish it. Considered DNF multiple times. The last 25% of the book saved it for me.