Dusty by: YellowBella

I'm so technologically challenged!  I can't figure out how to add this book, but this is my review.


"Love is battling cocaine for love's attention.  She's created a trio out of our duo, and I hate her.  I hate her more than anything else.  She's the other girl, his bitch on the side...she's the lipstick on his collar.  And she makes him so fucking unpredictable."

This book was pure angst on massive doses of steroids.  The writing was undiluted emotion.  It was raw and dark and lyrical. It made my heart beat faster.  It made me hold my breath.  It made me cry and curse and want more.  It's been a good while since I cried like that over a book.  It's hard watching hope die.

“Fate, suffering, changing, expected outcomes, killing dreams, rupturing hearts and hopes, Fate blanks the disappointment in my chest with suffering, then slaps me right across the face with it.”

It is an incredibly long read, but part of the beauty of the length of this book is being able to experience the progression of Edward and Bella's relationship in it's entirety.  We see almost 10 years of their secret life together.  I don't even know what to say about those years except that they were some of the most touching scattered moments surrounded by utter devastation.

"The tip of his nose glides up the side of my throat.  If it were a razor it would cut me.  I'd welcome the sweet satisfaction of death.  That's what it felt like when he was away.  A part of me died when he was gone, some soft, righteous, oblivious part passed away in his absence."

This book isn't going to be for everyone, but it was definitely for me.  Although it was odd seeing all the characters from "Twilight" in a different light, after awhile, they took on new life and "Twilight" was forgotten.  5 painful stars.


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