Mmm, Mmm Good!

Double Full - Kindle Alexander


Amy Lane has been the angst-queen of my heart for a while now, but she needs to watch out cause Kindle Alexander is quickly taking over.  There are so many things I like about her writing style.  She just grabs me and doesn't let go.  I tend to have to force myself to slow down and really read her words because there is such an urgent need to find out what happens.  I took NUMEROUS breaks while reading this one because I just wanted to savor the emotion that I was feeling and make it last as long as possible.
Gotta give it up for the series name, "A Nice Guys Series".  Although I love my bad boys, I did thoroughly enjoy having a book based on the ups, downs, and mistakes of nice guys.  It's who they were at the core even though there were periods of screw-upedness while they were manipulated by asshats.

So once upon a time there were two nice guys, Colt and Jace

Colt is the closeted top ranked college quarterback set to go pro.    Jace is a cheerleader for the same college and lives his life openly.  Colt has watched him from a distance their during their entire time at college.  At the end of their senior year, Colt finally has the guts and opportunity to man-up and reveal his feelings for Jace.

"I'm not gonna say it now, but I hope you see where I'm going with this.  I want the promise of someday from you.  That's all I'm asking, Jace."

Promises and plans are made and Colt is ready to publicly embrace  Jace.  Unfortunately for them those who hold power in Colt's life have a different plan in mind.  And so the downward spiral begins as they both live their lives.  Each handling heartache differently.

It's 10 years later before they are able to reconnect and Jace is finally able to get some answers as to why Colt left, but it's not all rainbows and butterflies.  There are still things to be resolved and people still trying to drive them apart.
About 70% of the way through the book I could literally feel my heart coming up through my throat.  I barely recovered.
The story was heartbreaking and beautiful.  I loved Jace's strength, heart, and simply the way he embraced and took care of Colt. 
Colt was just as remarkable.  He was all tough athlete on the outside, but also willing and able to put his feeling out there.

"I love you, Jace.  I always have, and through all my mistakes, I wanted you to know I've never said that to anyone else.  Only you."

Highly recommend to fellow angst lovers! 5 heartfelt stars