Straight Forward and Steamy

Playing With Her Heart - Lauren Blakely

Jill is an actress trying to catch a break on Broadway.  As a result of her painful past, she has mastered the art of acting both professionally and personally.  When she lands an audition to play the lead opposite Patrick, an actor she met briefly six years ago and never forgot, it seems as though the life she mentally constructed has a possibility of taking flight.  Until she meets the director, Davis Milo.

Davis is a scorching hot, driven alpha male with a past of his own.  He is known for being able to bring out the best in his cast, but tends to remain aloof.  However, when Jill walks on stage for her audition it becomes a constant struggle to hold himself back even though she reminds him of every reason he doesn't date actresses.

I have to admit, I found Davis to be a really compelling character.  (He reminded me a bit of Christian but without the props.)  I loved his intensity and his focused desire.  And I swear, for a book not completely driven by sex, he travelled south often.  Wow!  The banter between the Jill and Davis was a lot of fun.  And Jill's flirty sense of humor was fabulous.

Overall, I found it to be fairly straight forward and steamy. 

It was well written and quite sweet really.  I think the thing that threw me was it was a single note conflict. h Jill confesses to being "in love" with Patrick (after a single meeting when she was 17), this really was the love triangle that wasn't.  And I thought perhaps Alexis might throw a wrench in or that their relationship would be a problem with the production, but nope. (hide spoiler)] Personally, I could've used more obstacles for them to overcome.  Even so, it was an enjoyable read that will appeal to the romantic. 3.5 stars