Norma Jean (Young Love #2, Summer Love #2) - Amanda Heath This is a hard book to rate for me. I LOVE angst-ridden books with lots of drama...this book definitely had both. (More drama than angst. The angsty piece was very short lived.) Both MC's were very likeable...flaws and all. And the book was a decent length. Although the story was a bit predictable, I didn't feel like I was reading something I had read before.

It frustrated me that there were sooooo many supporting characters. I couldn't keep up with how everyone was connected and all their histories. The time that was spent giving additional information on very minor characters in this book was a huge distraction for me. It took away from the story rather than enhancing it. In some cases, I feel as though the author may have been setting up future books, but it made things feel a bit disjointed.

I was also a little shocked at how Grandma was handled. Time was spent saying how strong she was and that she wasn't that old, yet she died from a heart attack right away?

The first 20% and the final 20% I would give 4 stars, but the middle 60% was 3 stars for me. Overall, 3.5 stars.