Break Her

Break Her - B.G. Harlen What do I even begin to say about this book? How do I put into words what I think about it when I'm not even sure I know. This one went far beyond raw and gritty. It was ABSOLUTELY brutal and horrifying. Don't go in expecting this to be a Stockholm Syndrome story. There is absolutely ZERO romance. I had to take numerous breaks from reading. There was a point at about the 92% mark where I couldn't read through my tears. But the writing was simply incredible and smart. The book was suspenseful and riveting, even if you did want to look away every other page.

"But that wasn't what people meant when they talked about being driven crazy. So what was it? What happened? Something terrible happened and...and...the mind just refused to accept it? Or sought refuge in another time or another place or another personality? Was that it? But why in some people and not in others? What did breaking really mean? What exactly broke?"

The basic premise is that a man is sent by someone to "break" the heroine through whatever means necessary. However, the heroine has had her share of life experiences that have taught her how to survive. From here, it becomes a psychological contest.

"I've been fucked up the ass by Fate. What do you think you can do to me with your little, fucking penis?"

So why in the world do I find myself liking this book (enough to give it 5 stars) if there is nothing beautiful about the story? Great question. The best I can come up with is that the writing made me think deeply. As the heroine goes through this nightmare, her life, beliefs, reactions, conclusions, and what she feels about herself all come into focus for her. In a way, it is a journey of discovery as well as survival. This book made me think, feel, and evaluate. I honestly believe that this book is a reflection of life. The very things that have tried to break us, should have broken us, in reality can help us survive what lies ahead.

My one frustration is that there are so many unanswered questions, although I know this is by design. This is such a unique book. I would only recommend it to those who can look past the utter, graphic brutality and appreciate the psychological aspects.