Maybe Baby (Baby Series, #1)

Maybe Baby (Baby Series, #1) - Andrea  Smith Really enjoyed this one. I know others have commented about the long length, but I LOVED that I wasn't able to finish it in 2.2 seconds. It didn't feel overly long to me at all. In fact, it gave me time to feel connected to the characters because it wasn't insta-love between Tylar, Trey, and me. I really struggled through the first 40% of the book because I wanted to throttle Tylar most of the time. She just seemed to be so wishy-washy with her decisions and behavior. Somewhere around the point that Tylar and Trey consummated their relationship I stopped wanting to kill Tylar and instead became completely engaged in the story. It was a solid 4 stars for me and I'll be diving right into the next in the series.