Messed up

Messed up - Molly Owens Messed up doesn't even begin to describe it. I'm not really even sure what to say. Messed Up is about a sixteen year old girl, Chelsea, who meets and eventually falls for Levi. Levi isn't a good hearted boy with some bad habits. He is bad. His family is bad. His life is bad. He was raised to be bad. He knows no other is just who he is. I think. Before Chelsea knows it, she becomes completely entangled in Levi's life and all the darkness that goes with it.

I don't know how I feel about this book or how to classify it. There was a degree of violence, but no real graphic sexual situations. Not really YA, but not really NA either. It was definitely suspenseful...a huge puzzle that you try to figure out. (OK, really you spend your time trying to figure Levi out.) I liked Chelsea. She was strong, fun, loving, and sarcastic. Not sure what to say about Levi. I love bad boys, but he went beyond bad boy for me and was more twisted. I want to love him though because I know he's a product of his environment and truly had no other choice than to become the person he is or die. I loved the epilogue simply because it continued to keep you guessing about Levi and exactly where his love and loyalty stand.

The one thing I had trouble with throughout the book is the fact that most of these characters were in high school. There was a disconnect for me between their age and the story. Although an adult was the one pulling the strings, these are high schoolers we're dealing with and there's no way someone wouldn't have left evidence or spilled the beans. I think most parents would notice a brand on their child's back at the very least. That piece really bothered me.

One thing I know for sure, I'll read the next in the series. 3.5 stars.