Out of the Dungeon (Dungeon #2)

Out of the Dungeon (Dungeon #2) - S.M.   Johnson 3.5 stars. Man, was this book a struggle. It was just so incredibly different than the first book. The characters didn't feel right. Even considering the accident and how trauma impacts people, they (Roman especially) still felt like completely different characters. And, of course, where the first book had more BDSM elements, this book seemed to be more about the emotional side of things. Although I enjoyed the introspection and emotion, I would've liked more of a balance between the two. For the majority of the book, I felt like the BDSM was left behind.

I'm disappointed with the way Dare was handled. After the first book, what happened with Dare didn't make sense to me. And I'm not sure exactly what to say about the Vanessa storyline. Although after finishing the book, I am curious to see how that story plays out.

It wasn't until I was 86% of the way through the book that I finally glimpsed the Roman from book one. He was finally a Dom again. I missed him greatly. I thoroughly enjoyed the story from that point forward. I found myself being interested in how Jason will fit into the picture. Looking forward to book three.