Who He Is (FireNine, #1)

Who He Is (FireNine, #1) - Shanora Williams I was just out of sync with this one for the first 75% of the book. It just felt like more of the same chapter after chapter with nothing really new to add to the storyline...it was just Gage and Eliza going back and forth without a lot of conflict really. It felt very much like a YA read with a little NA thrown in occasionally. I think I expected it to be a much grittier rocker story and that component just wasn't there aside from a bit of very tame womanizing. I also never really understood Penelope's hold on Gage, even after it was explained. It just didn't make sense to me. I had to really fight to finish it. Considered DNF multiple times. The last 25% of the book saved it for me.