Lifeless (Lifeless, #1)

Lifeless (Lifeless, #1) - J.M. LaRocca Thoroughly impressed that this is the debut book by this author. If life didn't have to get in the way I would've read it in one sitting. I really like it when plots surprise me and this one had a couple of twists at the end that I honestly didn't see coming. There were a couple of things that did bug me a took me awhile to get used to Scarlet's inner dialogue. Maybe it's because I'm a mom in my 40's, but especially in the first 25% of the book Letti's "thoughts" felt REALLY young. (She reminded me a bit of my early teen daughter.) I was also unclear about the whole drug use accusation.Was he using? If so, I didn't fully understand how she could just let that go after the big deal that was made about her mom and losing her job. I felt like he kinda admitted to using, but it was never really addressed other than their brief break and then the make-up sex. Although I knew it was a cliffhanger going in (Thank you for putting that in the description, Ms. LaRocca!), I'm still frustrated that I have to wait until December to find out what happens! :) 4.5 stars