A Different Blue - Amy Harmon At times I am guilty of racing through a book so fast that I skim text just to find out what happens. It isn't often that I want to slow down and carefully read every word, but that's where I found myself with this book. I literally had to put my hand over the bottom of the page just to ensure that I didn't cheat. Frankly, this surprises me because my taste runs FAR more toward erotic. But something about the writing spoke to me.

The story is certainly unique and fresh. The story centers around a high school senior named Blue. Blue certainly has a lot to be angry about. Abandoned by her mother at two years old and left with a stranger. Jimmy, the stranger, raises her on the road in his quiet, loving way until fate kicks her in the gut again. By the time high school history teacher Mr. Wilson enters her life the dye has been cast. She wears anger and bitterness as her armor, but bit by bit, Wilson chips away at her shell to reveal pieces of herself. Don't fool yourself into thinking this is the typical "high school teacher falls for his student" book, because it's not. The relationship between Wilson and Blue is beautiful, fully developed, and chaste for the most part.

Probably one of my favorite aspects of the book were the Native American stories Jimmy told Blue. He used these stories to explain life to Blue in a way that stayed with her long after he was gone.

I don't want to give anything away, but the ending to the story (which is really Blue's beginning) is beautiful. Well worth the read...even without the sex. :)