Second Chances - T.A. Webb You want to know a secret? I don't like writing reviews for books I love. Terrible, huh? It's much easier to write about books that I just like. I feel like whatever I write will be inadequate and not even scratch the surface of how I feel. And that's where I find myself with Second Chances. I know that nothing I say will do it justice, but the book deserves my words.

The book was absolutely amazing. Every. Last. Word. The writing was fantastic. The story is told from Mark's POV and a couple of things struck me as I read. Even though I had absolutely no personal reference point for the story, I felt everything Mark felt so very deeply...every hurt, every loss, every fear, every joy. The other thing that I thought about is the fact that T.A. Webb just let the story be the story. I'm not sure how to fully explain what I mean here. So very often unbelievable gimmicks (for lack of a better word) are used to add drama or angst to the story. In writing Second Chances T.A. Webb simply wrote the story. It was believable. It was heartbreaking. It was poignant. It was impactful. Both of these things speak to the talent of the author. This is my second book by T.A. Webb and I am most definitely a fan now.

A year ago I didn't consider myself to be a m/m reader. I had read some smutty things with m/m aspects, but had never really read m/m romance. One day I decided to give one a try and I haven't looked back. It's books like Second Chances that remind me of why I fell in love with this genre. It's books like this that make me want to shake my m/f reading friends and encourage them to try it. They are missing out on incredible books and incredible authors. I highly recommend this book to any romance reader. 5+ heartfelt stars.