Power Play: Resistance - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant Such an interesting read in many ways. I've read quite a few TPE books, but what makes this one unique for me is that Bran really had no concept of what he was getting into ahead of time AND really had NO DESIRE to be in a TPE relationship. The only draw (besides an initial attraction to Jonathan) was the money. Bran fights submission to Jonathan tooth and nail, which leads them both to question the "relationship" and eventually leads Jonathan to make some piss-poor decisions.

I think the other thing that stood out was the fact that as a Dom, Jonathan was far from perfect. He made so many mistakes, missed cues, and mis-read Bran so many times. I honestly appreciated his flawed actions because it seems most Doms are written as pretty near perfect.

This book had me in knots...not the good kind. It wasn't the necessarily TPE or BDSM that made it that way though. Although the eating situation and the sarcophagus really had me close to safewording. It was the fact that Jonathan was such a masochist while Bran wasn't a sadist at all. This is really the crux of everything. How can the two be compatible and why would they even try? I read the second book prior to rating this one. Seeing the progression and outcome went a long way in easing the frustration I felt reading book one by itself. I highly recommend reading both before drawing your own conclusions.