Enthrall - Vanessa Fewings Holy Sexual Undertones, Batman! This book has me a bit upside down. I'm just not sure what to think. It was a completely unique read for me in that it was the virgin, vanilla slightly annoying girl, Mia, chasing (?) the Dom, Richard. Mia was genuinely clueless about BDSM which made the chase all the more interesting because it was truly Richard she was interested in and not the lifestyle. And then there's Cameron and his strange relationship with both Richard and Mia. Where the hell does he really fit in to this mess? Not to mention the Dommes (Penny, Lotte, and Scarlet), Bailey, and Tara. I was literally reading page to page with no idea of where exactly this story would end up. There was an incredible amount of sexual tension and very, very little sex and very little BDSM. Honestly I think any of them could've ended up in bed together and I wouldn't have been surprised. And although there was an ending of sorts, it was a big, fat non-ending.

About the Dommes...Penny, Lotte, and Scarlet. Something about the way Dommes are typically written is a bit off-putting to me. Maybe I've been reading the wrong books, but they seem a bit cold. Although the three Dommes in this book were minor characters, I loved them. The author showed a very human and caring side of them that really added to the story for me.

My thoughts reading this book were all over the place. The first time I read FSOG I remember thinking about how far I would being willing to go and what I would be willing to give up for someone that I truly loved. This book had a bit of that feel for me. Although Mia becomes drawn to certain aspects of BDSM, her true draw is simply Richard (with a bit of Cameron thrown in). The book leaves us with so many unanswered questions. What is the true extent of Richard and Cameron's relationship? The book ends with Cameron, Richard, and Mia sleeping together (just sleeping), but it seems like it was a bit more than Cameron just being a friend and Richard was perfectly fine with that, so where is that going? And what the hell is going on with Tara and Cameron? Is Bailey really in love with Mia? Will Cameron be able to let go of Mia if he is so drawn to her? Where will the Dommes fit into all of this? What about Chrysalis?It will take me awhile to process this one. It is the kind of book that gets better the more you think about it. I initially rated it 4 stars, but after writing this jumbled mess of thoughts, I'm upping it to five.