Unbeautifully - Madeline Sheehan Do you know what the worst part of reading a book like "Unbeautifully" is? It's turning the final page knowing it's over and then trying to figure out what to read next, knowing it will pale by comparison. OK, technically that's two things, but you get the idea.

I seriously love this series. Many times in series that are focused on telling multiple stories, once one book is done, those characters become background noise for future books in the series. I'm so glad it wasn't that way with this one. Eva and Deuce's story continues to be a strong presence. Yet we also get Danny and Ripper's story. They were both so beautifully interwoven with the other. In addition, Ms. Sheehan wrote a great set up for Cage and Tegan's story.

This series continues to be raw, dirty, ugly, shocking, gritty and riveting from the first word. My only regret is that everyone kept interrupting me needing tiny things like being taken to school or lunch. (I mean seriously, couldn't they wait???) Fabulous from beginning to end. Can't wait for book 3. And the countdown begins...please hurry.