Stardust - Mimi Strong There is just enough of a 15 year old left in this 40 plus something girl that makes me a sucker for these kinds of books...the whole celebrity and girl next door scenario. For those of you who enjoy humor in your romance, you will definitely like this one. It is packed with funny dialogue and embarrassing situations. I prefer my reading to be a good bit edgier, but I did laugh out loud quite a few times. The humor makes me think a bit of [b:Wallbanger|15858248|Wallbanger|Alice Clayton||21607771] which wasn't quite up my alley either. This kind of humor always throws me because it makes me think YA even though it isn't in the least. Dalton. Hot, yes, but I have no idea what else to say about him. So many questions. The author did a great job at keeping me off balance. I never felt like I knew where I stood with him. After reading the ending, I'm sure that was by design. I'm still pissed as hell as him even though I suspected it at times. And the porn story....true or false? I did like Peaches. She was a lot of fun and I loved that she was a BBW. I didn't feel like her insecurities were overdone or that they completely overshadowed every other aspect of the story. 3.5 stars