Beyond the Edge

Beyond the Edge - Elizabeth Lister Whew...gotta catch my breath with this one. This book was recommended to me by Bree Cheese (Thank You Bree!). I probably would have passed it by without her recommendation for two main reasons...the cover combined with the book description which states that the BDSM rating is extreme. I can ignore the cover, but the extreme rating made me a little squeamish. So, so glad I read this one.

I've spent the morning trying to figure out why I didn't find this extreme. Dildos, check. Butt plugs, check. Floggers, paddles, whips, check, check, check. Bondage, yep. Mild humiliation (very mild), absolutely. Cock cage and Ball stretcher, oh yes. Menage, you betcha. Sounds extreme, right? This is the conclusion I've come to: there was emotion and longing behind every action which made it less extreme and more engaging. Many times in BDSM there is a bit (or a lot) of emotional withdrawal, regardless of what the D/s relationship is outside of play. With James, Tate, and Sebastian I didn't feel the disconnect, even during the scenes where the Dom was clearly a Dom. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a sweet, sappy love story. It is totally a BDSM read with emotional elements. And that's why I think this book works.