In The Stillness

In The Stillness - Andrea Randall This truly is a heartbreakingly beautiful book. Books that reflect life hit harder than most. The story is a raw and honest look at PTSD and the painful, far reaching effects it has on everyone who loves the victim. This book tore me up because I know the basis for Ryker and Natalie's story is lived out daily by many people. But PTSD is only part of the story because life doesn't continues on just as hard and complicated as it did before, only with the added pressure, pain, and guilt.

Natalie hasn't spoken to Ryker in ten years. Her life reflects nothing of what she imagined it would be. She isn't able to finish her degree. She has a husband, Eric, that is thriving in his degree program, but never home. Her marriage is unfulfilling and lifeless. And she's a stay at home mom to twin boys. She doesn't like her life, yet she has to live it day in and day out. Finally something in Natalie snaps and she turns to the one thing she knows will release some pressure, cutting. From there, Natalie's life is set on a new that is set before Ryker re-enters the picture. I appreciated that although Ryker is a key piece to her healing, he's not the game changer. Even if my life doesn't reflect Natalie's, I could relate to her in so many ways. She was flawed, likeable, honest and so, so strong because she had to be. I loved this book.