Under Contract

Under Contract - Helen Saito OK, where to start...tip number one, don't read this book sitting in the bleachers surrounded by people. I squirmed so much I'm sure everyone thought I had a problem, yet I couldn't stop reading. So I just hugged my kindle tighter, tried to sit still, and devoured every single word. If I could have, I would've read this book straight through.

The book centers around Alex, a man being trained to become a sex slave, and Gavin, his trainer. Because of Gavin's past experience as a slave himself, he has never wanted to own his own slave. Gavin is faced with training Alex for someone else or putting aside his own feelings and bidding on Alex at an auction. Herein lies the dilemma.

Under Cover is front to back hot BDSM man lovin'...no exaggeration, it was cover to cover hot, sweaty, pain and sex. You would think it would get old, right? No way. The thing is that there was a story told with the sex. In some ways, to me, it was a coming of age story even though the MC's were in their forties. I was completely entranced by with Gavin, Alex, and Sam (Gavin's partner) as they all struggled to communicate effectively their own needs while trying to meet other's needs as well.

I'm honestly surprised by the amount of love I have for this book, but love it I do.