The Ivy Lessons (Devoted, #1)

The Ivy Lessons (Devoted, #1) - J. Lerman,  S.K.Quinn This is a hard one for me. I enjoyed the story. It was a mix of teacher/student, celebrity, and domination. I thought it was fresh and not a rehash of stories already told. I stayed interested throughout the book. I really wanted to give this book 4 stars.

What I struggled with was not being attached to the characters. As a character, Marc was cold and distant. As the reader though, I want to find reason to root for him and I didn't find one. Although things about his past are revealed, I still felt disconnected. Similarly, I felt the same way for Sophia.

I did not find it to be anything like FSOG, Bared to You, or The Siren. It is still very much a book worth reading though.